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What do you get when you combine the singing and dancing of the Broadway Theater with jaw-dropping yoyo skills?? You get The New York Yoyo Show!

Hi, Everyone! I'm Brian (the yoyo guy).

I'm a musical theater performer based here in NYC, the theater capital of the world! I've performed in Off-Broadway Shows, National Tours and Regional Theaters. When I'm not singing and dancing on stage, I love nothing more than spreading smiles by introducing the world to yoyos! My show combines the best of what I do to create a truly unique and entertaining show for all ages!

Let's Get Started
New York Yoyo Show™ rooftop promo photo


New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Bindlestiff open stage january 2019
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Times square, NYC.
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Bindlestiff Open Stage, Fall 2019.
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Times square, NYC, gyroscopic flop.
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Bindlestiff Open Stage, January 2019.
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Saratoga Springs, NY, Summer 2018
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. Saratoga Springs, NY, Summer 2018.
New York Yoyo Show™ promo photo. NYC School Show, Spring 2020
New York Yoyo Show™ School Show Promo Photo. Spring 2020


  Target Grades: 2-9

  Length of Show: 30-40 Mins

I'm am so happy to be able to offer my school outreach program for FREE to local schools in and around the NYC area. My program consists of three parts:

1. An all-school assembly to watch my 30-minute show, where I demonstrate the amazing tricks that can be done with the yoyo! In my show, we'll explore the history of yoyo, dive into the science of how it works, and even break a world record with one lucky student!

2. I will teach yoyo-ing in the regularly scheduled PE classes over the course of a day (Or multiple days, depending on the size of the school.)

3. During the program, the school and I will host a yoyo sale (very similar to a school photo sale), where $1 from every yoyo sold will go DIRECTLY back to the school as a fundraiser!

Curriculum Connections


The yoyo is a fascinating toy. Its ancient origins are a fun mystery, but its more recent history depicts a classic Rags-To-Riches Immigrant Story! In my show, students will learn about Pedro Flores, a Fillipino entrepreneur whose innovations to the yoyo propelled it to prominance in the USA during the 1920s and 1930s.


Playing with yoyos allows students to make scientific discoveries in the palm of their hands! In my show, we'll explore how Gravity, Friction, Mass and Force allow us to do some amazing yoyo tricks! Then, we'll tie it all together with a killer explaination of Newton's Laws of Motion. We'll even discover how yoyos behave in outer space!

  Life Lessons

The process of building yoyo skills is an excellent teacher in itself. In addition to learning awesome yoyo tricks, the students will be challenged to develop their skills in Perseverence, Hand-Eye Coordination, Creative Problem Solving and Teamwork.

The New York Virtual Yoyo Show

From the creator of The New York Yoyo Show™ comes an ALL-NEW interactive VIRTUAL livestream show! This exciting new show is PERFECT for virtual birthday parties, virtual field trips, socially distant live events, and more!

The New York Virtual Yoyo Show™ features:

  • A Broadway-style musical number
  • Yoyo magic
  • 8 trick tutorials
  • Advanced yoyo demonstrations
  • Interactive live chat
  • GRAND FINALE: How to yoyo with the "World's Longest Yoyo String" (8FT!)

Available for immediate bookings

  • Target age: 7-14
  • Group size: 5-15 audience members.
  • Price: Contact Me for details!


Private Lessons

In addition to my shows, I also teach private yoyo lessons for anyone looking to take their yoyo-ing to the next level! I can do both in-person and virtual lessons, and can accommodate students of any skill level! Book an appointment today!

The First 8 Yoyo Tricks

In my show, I reveal the history of modern yoyo tricks using the ORIGINAL Duncan Trick Book from the 1930s! You can download this FREE trick book right here!

  1930s Duncan Trick Book


A few of the awesome organizations I've worked with:

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Rochester Fringe Festival Logo
New York Public Library Logo
Bindlestiff Family Circus Logo
Queens Public Library Logo
Urban Stages Logo


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Yoyofactory ONE - $10

Best for all ages. Low-maintenance, durable, and easy to use.

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Yoyofactory Velocity - $15

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Yoyofactory DV888 - $20

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For birthdays, school programs, corporate events, circus variety shows, community outreach and more! I can't wait to talk about how to make your event special!